Getting Out Of Our Own Way

As the saying goes, our worst enemy is often ourself.

For example, whenever we allow pride, envy, greed, worry, and insecurities to get their way in our hearts, the long term results never end well. I know that’s definitely true for me.

These things disrupt our relationships, families, careers, churches, and the list goes on and on.

Sadly, these things well up from within. Often times stimulated by our past scars and pains. However, as Christians, we do not have to remain imprisoned by them.

The challenge is even admitting and acknowledging we are guilty of these traits. Then, we must not excuse them, but reject tolerating them in our lives anymore. This makes room for repentance and God’s spirit to take over and overrule these conditions of the heart.

Do we desire to change? Do we desire more than simply to profess our faith?May we dare to live it out, to believe Him, and take Him at His word, that He has overcome and has the power to change us. To acknowledge our faults, and struggles – examine them, question them, and surrender them to a greater power than our own.

God is good and may we always be wise enough to let go of our pettiness and begin trusting Him and His plans for us.

God is in the business of healing tainted hearts, and broken souls. He then renews them and us for purposes greater than we could have ever imagined.

Getting out of our own way begins with humbly surrendering our ways to Him and seeking His will over our own.

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