Rock Steady

It’s amazing how much my level of peace is directly tied to the level of time I spend with God. This includes my Bible study, worship, prayer, and time alone with Him. It’s truly essential to the well being of my soul.

For example, the last three weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. We traveled to New England for vacation, and then jumped right back into the hustle of work, and activity back home. Our routine schedules got off rhythm and as a result, so did my time with God.

I soon realized how thin skin I had become, how quick I was to worry, stress, and fatigue. Then it dawned on me – I had been out of sync with my alone time with God. It’s hard to capture time on the road the same way you can at home. As a result, my soul grew restless.

It is a thirst deep within. Like water, if we do not drink regularly, we slowly grow dehydrated. To maintain healthy hydration, our body requires consistent water intake. Likewise, our mind, body, and spirit also requires consistency in its intake of Christ’s Living Water (John 4:14).

Then begins the task of getting back into the regular habit of meditation, worship, and study. Thankfully, I realize the enormous value and am committed to getting back into a consistent rhythm.

Taking time to be with God is essential to a Christian’s growth and well- being. Granted, some days are easier than others to make this time happen, but if we choose to prioritize this time and realize the powerful value it holds, we will do exactly that.

I’m thankful for the disruption within for it was an internal alarm signaling to me it was time to get back on track and rock steady with my Lord.

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