Road Tripper

There are so many places I can’t wait to see and experience. As my wife and I discussed our next family vacations, the places we hope to go got longer and longer – yet so does the wait.

Now, God willing, we have some great and exciting things to look forward to and share as a family for years to come.

Later that evening however, I considered if I carried the same, or higher excitement level for heaven and the things of God as I did for these earthly locations. Clearly, I understand heaven is greater than anyplace on earth I can imagine. So, my eagerness should be overflowing, but honestly, sometimes because I can’t see it today, or get to it today, my excitement level for it wanes.

However, for every Christian, this earth is not our home and even though there are wonderful places here to see and visit, we have a final destination that overwhelms them all.

We are on a journey on earth with a purpose. To live for Christ, and share the good news He offers. To be beacons of light in a world darkened by sin, and to always be mindful of our final destination with gratitude and praise.

It helps me keep a proper focus to see my earthly road trips this way – That as I travel to my ultimate destination, I also get to experience many wonderful pit stops along the way. Similarly, as I heard a pastor once say, as we journey through our days on earth we get to encounter and impact various places and people along the way.

Serving as representatives of a Greater reality available to all who believe through faith that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Lord.

May we live out our days on earth with joy and purpose, and through the lens that they are all pitstops on our greater road trip to a place beyond words and expression. A place of everlasting joy, love and adventure – a special place our Father has prepared for all who believe in Him (John 14:3). For the Christian life is the greatest road trip of all.

One thought on “Road Tripper


    The desire for heaven heightens with age. Your excitement to enjoy God’s earthly pleasures is an inspiration for others.

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