Greener Grasses

My family has taken our first trip to New England, and it has been a whirlwind. Unlike our usual beach trip where we spend lazy days on the beach, this trip has been on the go seeing all the various coastal towns. Although different, it has been a great adventure.

Back home in Georgia the weather has been a high, humid 90 degrees. So, we have enjoyed the cooler temperatures here, although at times it has been flat out cold.

In addition to the change of weather, the people of New England have also been very pleasant.

Stereotypically, Southerners seem to get all the credit for being polite and kind, and they quite often are, but we have found the people of New England to be equally as inviting.

Interestingly, as I was checking into one of our various hotels, one person noticed our Georgia tag and made a comment on how he went to school in the south and loved it. When I asked why he loved it he simply said because it’s “better” there.

Thus, why does the grass sometimes seem greener somewhere other than where we are? I love my home, but as I planned our visit to Martha’s Vineyard, I went into it with alluring thoughts like, “I could live here”.

It’s like we’re always looking for someplace better. In fact, there was a couple who lived in Martha’s Vineyard heading to Bermuda. They couldn’t wait to get there – and obviously so. There just always seems to be someplace better than where we are, even if it’s in our mind. There’s someplace greener.

However, in reality, even if we lived in our dream place, our dream place would soon become dull and we would eventually begin to desire something, or someplace different.

These greener grass symptoms can obviously be dangerous, and I am reminded of the Apostol Paul who said he “learned” to be content with his present circumstances, no matter what they were – prison, wealth, prosperity, or poverty. His contentment and joy was in Christ.

Likewise, may we enjoy the adventures we get to go on and the people and the places we get to see throughout life. May we also learn to enjoy where we are. Realizing our souls will always desire better, because we were made to be with God. No matter how beautiful the places of this world are, it is still not the Christian’s home.

I’m thankful for our traveling adventures, and also thankful for getting back home – a little wiser, better traveled, and more understanding of the truth that “no matter where you go, there you are“.

I’ve been fortunate to travel across most of America now, including Hawaii, and have even been to Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe, and I love all of it! Traveling is a healthy way to see that people are basically the same no matter where you are. They have needs, work, families, friends, trials, and fun. And once you settle into an area, the newness eventually wears off, and the itch for something more soon creeps in.

Thus, my faith is always strengthened, because I am reminded where my lasting contentment lies – only and always with Jesus Christ.

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