Life Rush

What lies ahead? No one really has any way of knowing. So, we do our best, and hope it all works out okay. We invest our days – sometimes going from sun up to sun down. Some never even experiencing the light outside their office walls. Instead, we scurry from one dwelling to the next, with mundane and humdrum lingering like old adversaries.

Sound inviting?

May we all avoid this trap, but as we know, this can be a sobering reality for far too many.

A life in a rush to finish first – only to end up the richest one in the graveyard, but broke in life.

Blinded by ambition and the allure of riches, we dismiss our divine calling as fantasy and embrace instead the illusionary maturity of simply surviving another day. We float from one moment to the next – living for weekends and holidays.

What can be done to avoid such a fate?

Realizing and accepting our life is no accident is a powerful first step. There may be unplanned parents, but never accidental lives.

We have purpose, greater than we can imagine. If only we could be courageous and wise enough to actually live this truth out. Fear, arrogance, and pride however, overrule far too often and keep us caged to the false safety nets we construct.

We forget our heavenly Father and Designer knows us best. So, we refuse to completely trust His directive. Assuming that playing it safe is always best. After all, we don’t know what God may ask of us. Perhaps He will have us do something “crazy”.

Recently, a friend, I’m thankful to God for, reminded me to a powerful truth – are we still trying to win the approval of man more than God (Galatians 1:10)? If so, how can we truly be free to be Christ’s servant?

What has God been guiding you to do, but you haven’t because of fear? Perhaps He has been telling us something for quite sometime. Maybe it’s time to brush off those “trashcan dreams” thrown away so long ago. For perhaps the ridiculous we once held, and too afraid to pursue are from Him? The problem? We keep clinging too tightly to other things more than God.

Ok. It’s time to move on – time to get going. No more wasting time and energy on living for others and solely for ourselves – it’s time to start living for God. Following Him fully, and completely – for reckless abandonment to Him is always best, no matter the risk and cost to our false assumptions and illusions.

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