Spend Wisely

We only have a certain number of days. The trick is most of us will never know how many those are.

One of the radical things my family did was too cancel cable TV. I know – extreme, and I didn’t think it was possible at first, but it had to be done. We were watching and wasting too many hours of life in front of the tube.

We do have Apple TV and Netflix which allow us to rent movies and watch shows on demand and that is nice. So, we aren’t completely in the dark.

We also found that we have more time to invest in things that provide a positive return. For example, our family finds other things to do like playing board games, sharing collective movie nights, reading books, taking walks, and the list goes on and on.

Am I against cable? Not at all. Perhaps many are more disciplined, but for us, it had to be cut back.

This goes for other things we once over-indulged in as well. The outcome? A higher engagement in life – we are experiencing more of it in “living color” rather than through “technicolor”.

What’s next? Learning and getting better at the bass guitar, my writing, serving others, surfing, authentic relationships, and how to excel at being “present” in the moment – loving, and abiding.

So much to do and live for – so much to give. So much to be grateful to God for, and so much of Him to share with others.

Discouragement, pitfalls, problems, temptations, and troubles will no doubt raise their heads, but may we always be wise enough to cut off what must be cut in order to spend this life wisely, and to the fullest – even if that includes cutting the cable.

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