Long May You Run

One of my favorite and most convicting verses in the Bible is Jeremiah 12:5. It asks a simple yet profound question. “If the footrace with men has worn you out, how will you contend with the horses“?

In other words, there is much work yet to be done, and growing in endurance and perseverance is essential to accomplishing our calling, and finishing well.

There are an endless array of changes, challenges, and conflicts we must contend with on a regular basis, and if we aren’t careful, we can lose confidence in our calling.

What is that calling? Thankfully, it’s pretty straight forward – we are to share the gospel in love, make disciples because we love, and grow more like Christ in His love. How we do this varies, and we each play a differing role in the body of Christ – while bound by a common goal and God.

We will most likely grow weak and weary at times, and even fearful and distracted, but God is faithful. He is there to help us every step of the way – promising to never leave, or forsake us.

It’s our consecration, the setting aside every aspect of our life to Him and for His glory that helps us keep our focus and maintain our course.

I have recently learned the power of this practice and have found it to be profound in every way. To consecrate my marriage, my family, my life, money, job, home, dreams, body – basically everything to God. Placing all under His authority and rulership.

This, coupled with prayer, fellowship, and worship will help keep us in the good race – and for the long run.

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