Finding A Friend Is Being A Friend.

You always seem to sincerely care. You seek to encourage, hold me accountable to my greater potential, and provide a warm smile. You are selfless with your time, and seem to think of others more than yourself.

You never hesitate to share your faith and you gently remind me how God is greater than all of my problems, pains, and pressures. You are always there to offer comfort and care.

You are kind, humble, and a sincere love flows from your eyes as they tear up with genuine concern and joy.

Oh, how much you make life better in a cruel and cold world. You are rare indeed and more precious than gold.

I thank God for your prayers and for Him bringing you into my life.

Greater still – who can say this of you and of me? To whom are we this kind of friend to (Luke 6:31)?

May we all start being that which we seek. For the best way to find a true friend is to start being that friend to others.

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