The Pitfall Of Palatable Leadership

It’s said to be lonely at the top. Indeed, being a leader is a difficult position to hold – especially for those who desire to be impactful, good stewards, and highly effective in their calling.

Yet, there are unique contradictions the leader must face. They must learn how to deal with rejection, judgments, and divisions. This creates internal conflict for the leader. For they desire to influence others, and create positive outcomes, but must do so knowing not everyone will agree, or like their ideas, voice and/or direction.

Therefore, the temptation to isolate oneself with trusted alliances and distance oneself from the antagonists becomes enticing.

There is also the temptation to try and win a higher degree of public approval. The desire to please the masses, may begin to encroach.

Then, there is the knowledge and awareness the leader possesses to their own weaknesses. This when mixed with the intoxication to try and hide them from others can create barriers and cause the leader to isolate themselves even further from building close relationships.

This reflex reaction is perhaps wrapped with the idea that if no one is allowed to get too close, no one will see their weaknesses and flaws.

Finally, there is the potential envy others may hold towards the leader – desiring what they have and hoping for their fall from the platform they hold. Or, there are those who truly support the leader and hold a false assumption that they are all they appear to be. Never truly seeing, or allowing the leader to be fully human and authentic. Thus, any fall leads to the fan’s own discord and cynicism.

Ultimately, there is a lot that goes into being a responsible leader, and the truth is no leader will ever be truly palatable to our liking – nor should they be.

May we understand we are all called to leadership and are ultimately responsible to God to be the best we can be – honest with our flaws and wise enough to always lead with a “limp”.

Knowing we are broken vessels, willing to be misjudged, and misunderstood, and cast aside, but always determined to finish the race with honor and glory to God and for his purposes, over our own.

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