The Sky Isn’t The Limit – Mindset Is.

Most are familiar with the expression, “the sky’s the limit”. It is used to describe something’s potential. However, our potential is actually limited by our mindset.

How do we view ourselves, others, opportunities, and obstacles? So, often we tend to quit things too soon. There is a parable told of a man once digging for gold. He digs for years only to give up when he’s just a few feet from his goal. In frustration and defeat, he sells his gold mine to another at a deep discount. This man of course strikes gold in only a few days.

How often do we quit something too soon? Having completed some books recently, I am often asked how I was able to finish them. The truth is I kept at it for years. I believe in the message they share – message of hope, faith, family, love, friendships, and courage. I believe and pray that they can encourage others in their walk. And I pray God is glorified through them.

What He does with them is ultimately up to Him. My role was to complete the task I felt He called me to and share.

Whatever dreams and desires we possess will always be limited by our mindsets. We hear whispers of doubt, criticism, and insecurity, but these things never come from God. For He is a great encourager and if we desire to sincerely serve Him and others, we should expect opposition (John 10:10).

A football player knows he is going to get hit during the game. He knows the other side is going to try and do everything they can to keep him from scoring. Yet, he continues. He gets tackled and brushes it off. He hears the trash talk and brushes it off. Imagine this same player quitting the game because of the tackles and trash talk?

Likewise, we should expect opposition – and continue forward anyway. Our Christian faith and perspective are vital tools in this effort and have the power to overcome any darkness and difficulty.

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