Let’s Play!

My pastor is speaking on a theme that says, “We is greater than me (WE>me)”. And it has triggered a realization that shouldn’t come as a surprise – Teaming is not easy. In fact, it is quite difficult, but when any team unites under a common goal—well, we all know what can happen.

I was watching my son’s baseball coach recently work to bring a new team together. For just one season, he is leading to teach a bunch of middle school boys how to begin thinking as a team rather than mere individuals. Why? Because he wants to win, and any team coach knows, you can’t win when you have a bunch of “me” players.

However, in life, we approach winning quite differently. In life and at work, much of the time it centers around a me mentality. This happens because we begin to define success in terms of how much we get, or reap. The irony is someone can be rich materially one day and flat broke the next, or rich materially and broken relationally. Success is not merely reaping and getting.

The goal for all of us is to try and not forget what we learned as kids. That we must learn to play in the sandbox together—share our toys, and learn to cooperate as a team, despite our differences.

Thus, teaming is hard. So, what do we do? We must begin by redefining success and wealth. For to be truly successful and wealthy involves more than mere money and trophies collected. It’s about relationships, and working together for a common good that’s Christ centered.

Thankfully, we can all learn to do this in our own unique way. For we can all find ways how our work, our skills, and our resources can begin to be used to help others pursue their dreams and goals. Thus, we become mentors as we seek to apply all that we have and begin reaching beyond ourselves (Hebrews 10:24).

Clearly, it is up to us as individuals to boldly begin breaking down these silos we are tempted to construct around us, both professionally and relationally. However, when we learn to do this, practice it, and eventually do it well—championships get won that are shared by all, not just one.

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