Burn Out

Ever feel burned out? Like everything you do is pushing uphill, and you are running low on steam? Like you just want to throw in the towel and walk away from it all?

I think many of us can be tempted to feel this way at times – I do. If I’m being completely honest, I have gone through spells when I feel exactly this way – and then feel guilty about it!

But then I turn to prayer and God’s word, and I remember the truth:

Weary: Those who are weary are told to come to Jesus. This means He realizes we will become weary. What a relief to know it’s not just me that gets this way! Jesus comes to those who are weak and then gives us strength – His strength! Maybe God knows this is when we come to Him the most? When we can no longer go in our own strength. If so, perhaps our weariness can be a good thing.

Weak: The weak are also told to come to Christ and to take His yoke. For His load is light and easy. He walks with us – alongside us. What a gift to have the Lord Almighty help us to our feet. To lead us and welcome us into His loving arms!

Weighted: All those with heavy burdens are also welcomed to come. We are told to cast all our cares, worries, and burdens on Him. To give it all to Him! He will carry it and help us to walk and not get weary – to fly as if on eagle’s wings. This is the complete opposite of being weighted down – instead, we are lifted up!

Application: “Overcomer– 1 John 5:4

Our journey on earth is not meant to be easy. God knows it will be challenging and down right exhausting at times. We can’t do it on our own. We need help. We need Christ. I know I do – and when I come to Him, He has never turned me away, made me feel ashamed, embarrassed, or weak. Rather, He lifts my head like a loving Father and helps me back to my feet. Always encouraging – always loving – always caring – always lifting. Do you need God’s helping hand? It is outreached – may we always be wise enough to come to Him for help.

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