No Weak Link Here!

We are all too familiar with what it means to be the weakest link – and not many desire to be considered one. However, sometimes we may be exactly that if we are not guarded and aware to those things that can derail our best intentions: 

Distractions: When we get distracted, we loose clarity and focus to what our primary responsibilities are. There is a verse in the Bible that asks for the wisdom to keep from looking to worthless things. This is a great reminder, for we can all get distracted by the “shiny” objects at times and miss the greater opportunities. I know this temptation all to well, for as a “recovering workaholic” I nearly sacrificed all I dearly love for those things that can bring only short term value.    

Divisions: A Russian proverb says, “if you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either one“. And this is exactly what divided priorities do. We have to determine our primary priorities, and then pursue and protect them. For most people these can be narrowed down to faith, family, fitness (health) and finances. However, it’s easy to get these all mixed up and try to focus on two, or more of them with the same intensity. The typical result is neither of them get our best. Therefore, actively managing our priorities is extremely beneficial. I know my family, for example, is forever grateful for being properly prioritized. My health is another area of improvement, for I was once maxed-out, stressed-out, and nearly taken out by neglecting my body with over-work, poor eating, and little to no exercise due to blindly prioritizing and pursuing financial prosperity above all.      

Devotions: What do our hearts most desire? This is important to know because our devotions greatly propel our priorities. Do we most desire possessions, positions, promotions, pleasures and/or power? These are not bad things to desire in and of themselves, but when they become our greatest ambitions they detract from weightier treasures, such as our faith, family and health. Again, “blind” ambition nearly cost me all these things. Ambition is a good thing, but when it is blind, without a greater vision, it can be very destructive. Ambition for greater faith, stronger families, good health, and sound financial stewardship however is very constructive. 

Application: “Course Correction” – 1 John 2:15-16

Wisdom is applying what we know to be true and not merely acting on our feelings and emotions. We may know our families and faith and heath are important to us, but what do our actions indicate? Are we becoming the weak link in these areas due to distractions, divided priorities and misaligned devotions? Thankfully, it’s not too late to correct the ship – we must simply be courageous enough to correct our course. 

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