“Call Of The Wild”

The wild calls to each of us. However, which of the “wilds” we respond to have different results. For example, there is the wildness of this world and the wildness of Christ:

Wisdom: The wisdom of the world is actually foolishness to God. Often times, His ways are completely opposite to what the world teaches. For example, praying and blessing those who persecute us doesn’t seem to make much sense. Rather, should we go “Rambo” on these adversaries? But that’s not for Christ followers. For rather than solely thinking of ourselves, our needs, our wants, our desires, we should consider others as well. Yet, if they don’t think of our needs why should we consider theirs? Because Christ does, and we are His disciples.

Works: What the world teaches about work is that we should get back what we put in. But again, this is contrary to Christ. In fact, He says our works are worthless. We can do nothing to gain any greater position than we already have, because Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice and nothing we do can add to what He has already done. So, rather than trying to work our way to an outcome, our works as Christians are in response to what we have already received. 

Response: When tragedy comes, we panic, fret and worry – right? Well, the world responds this way, but again, Christians can learn to be content in all circumstances, because our joy does not come from external sources, but internal. Do followers of Jesus, worry and get anxious at times – do we get sad and mad? Absolutely, but we do not remain this way, for our firm foundation is not found in this world, but in what we know and what we receive through Christ.

Application: “Wild Love” – Romans 12:2
Following Christ is absolutely a wild ride. I recall when I was young, being a gentle, sensitive, shy kid. This seemed to put a bullseye on my chest and as a result, I had to learn quickly how to defend myself. Much like a playful puppy who gets poked and prodded long enough eventually learns to show its teeth, trust no one, growl and fight. So, did I. Like in the book, Call of the Wild, a once playful pup, became a lone fighter for survival. For this is what the world teaches – the sharks, the wolves, they win – the nice guys finish last. Well, I definitely didn’t want to finish last so I learned the world’s ways. 

But then Christ broke my hardening heart. He softened the edges and brought me into family. He nurtured what the world took, and He taught me how to love – and how to receive love. Indeed, Christ is wild. His love knows no end and being loved by Him and learning to love others through Him is a wild ride worth taking.

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