Thankful to business editor, Damon Cline and our local paper Augusta Chronicle for the recent “Shout Out” – Awesome community!  

FINANCIAL PROS (OR PROSE?): Queensborough Senior Vice President Dagan Sharpe and I have a few things in common. We’re about the same age, have two children, have the same color hair, have names that start with a “D” and we both were journalism majors.
We differ in that he’s smarter (c’mon, he chose a banking career) and that he’s written a book.
Sharpe’s Highways End is 240 pages of fiction, but it draws upon some personal life lessons and many common-sense financial virtues he extols as the bank’s wealth services director.
It is a love story centered centered around how often times we get caught in the pursuit of our passions and what we believe will make us happy rather than the truly meaningful things in our life,” he said.
Want to check it out? You can easily find it through the online retailer that sells everything from A to Z.

#HighwaysEnd  D.S.G.

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