Unity in Work, Faith, Family and Calling

We are called to go out into the world to share the good news. One of the greatest opportunities we have to do this is through our work – yet, this can also be one the most difficult places to witness. However, we have been provided guidance in this area when we are told to let others see our “good deeds” then they will glorify God.  What are these good deeds?

Light – Clearly we share the light of Christ wherever we go. We reflect Him and rather than shadows of darkness, we are beacons of light as we express the same care, concern, and compassion for others as Christ did and does.

Integrity – This is unity in our character. Are we the same at home, church, work and when with friends? Or are there variations to our character depending on where we are and who we’re with? For example, how is our language – is it consistent, or do we swear and gossip when in certain environments? 

Unity – My life was once segmented. I had a work life, family life, rarely a church life, and then my personal life – they were all separate. Today, they all blend together because of the grace of God. I no longer have different lives but one life knit together seamlessly available to Him. This was not made possible through my ability, but rather His divine hand.

For example, the Family Care Kit described here was birthed from my first overseas mission trip with my church. Mainly because I wanted my wife to know where all our finanical information could be found and located if something happened to me while away. My new employer embraced the idea and we now offer it to help our clients and others do the same. But that’s not the end of this story – because this tool is now offered in my church – the same place that sent me on the mission trip that birthed the very idea in the first place. 

Today, this simple tool is used throughout various communities, helps others, and presents a powerful testimonial experience in my life I get to share. I also get to teach and speak on finanical issues and how they tie into my own life and testimony at various events. It’s amazing to see how God has weaved my work, faith, church, and family together in such a way. 

But I shouldn’t be surprised, for God cares for our work, and will help us in it so that new doors will be opened for us to serve as greater witnesses for Him. God doesn’t desire our lives to be divided and segmented – rather one life, unified in Christ and sent out into all the areas we serve.  It can happen!  

More at CareerCall.org

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