Peace Train?

Getting God’s perspective, prioritization & plans for money takes us from inner stress to success! 

Perspective: How do we define wealth? Is it simply having lots of money and possessions? In reality it is an abundant supply of a desirable thing. Clearly, our “desirables” include much more than just money. These include our faith, family, health, dreams and finances – just to name a few. In addition, all of these things are gifts from God we have been entrusted with and are called to be good stewards of. However, until we get our Creator’s perspective on these things we are merely “grasping at wind”.

Prioritization: How easy it can be to get our desirables out of proper prioritization. For we know, nothing should ever come before God. Yet, what do we stress and worry about most often? What do we think about most and where do we invest most our energies and passions? If God is first – He will and can be projected through all the desirables He has entrusted us with.

Plans: Planning is good, but how do we go about planning our spending, giving and saving habits for example?  If we don’t consult God and seek His direction in these matters, our money will consistently be a stressor. Instead, may our money and all our gifts be set with a mission – and like the Blues Brothers once said, be on a “mission from God”.

Application: “Get OnBoard The Peace Train”  – Jonah 2:8

Money can be such a stressor. It can drain us in many ways. Those who have much of it, worry about losing it and keeping it. Those who have little of it, worry about growing it and getting it. Those somewhere in the middle can worry about all these things. I know it used to consume me. I sought it as if it would be the answer to all my problems. How wrong I was – for only God is our true source of inner peace and satisfaction. Keep God first and He will help guide us in all areas, including money. 

This has been such a transformational experience in my life – I write about it often, speak on it, and even make a living at work teaching it. I hope CareerCall helps others in this area. Candidly, my new novel ironically has a character in it who discovers this powerful truth much like the prodigal once did. Hope you enjoy it! #HighwaysEnd S.D.G.

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