Thankful God used the “Test-of-Money” to help shape my Testimony!

Thankful how God used the “test-of-money” to help shape my “testimony”!

Most vividly, it led me to take my son on our first mission trip together! 

This event is hard to imagine happening if God hadn’t used various events to break me of the stronghold my blind ambition created within me.  For example:

– Take two weeks off from work? Nope! 

-Spend a lot of money to visit a foreign land that doesn’t include a sunny beach and resort? Nope!

– Go into areas that could heighten exposure to bodily harm? Nope!

– Boldy share the gospel in public areas and in private homes with complete strangers? Not likely!

Yet, looking back – there was nothing quite as thrilling as sharing this adventure with my son! And with God – there are more adventures to come when I release His money for His purposes. Afterall, we’re just stewards of His resources.

What new adventures await? I don’t know – but can’t wait!  

Lord – thank you for putting Your money on mission! May our hands continue to be loosened and our hearts widened.”

More at BendedBow.  

#HighwaysEnd S.D.G.

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