Rat Race Boycott

We might conclude that if we are caught up in the proverbial “rat race”, we must be one of the rats. Not a nice thought, or idea, I know, but definitely worth our self-examination. 

I know once I realized I was one of the rats in the race, it helped direct me to some new life choices:  

Positions: I possess an ambitious nature. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing. For in competitive sports it comes in handy, and is very useful when it comes to completing tasks and initiatives. However, it can also create a large imbalance in priorities if not properly aligned. For what if our ambition creates in us an overpowering desire to climb higher and higher at the sacrifice and to the neglect of other areas such as our health, our families, and our faith?    

Possessions: We can also get caught up in possessing more, but ultimately how much do we really need? Also, why do we feel we need so much? What is the “good life” truly – is it simply having more toys, or is it being rich in areas where it ultimately counts, like in our friendships, our families, our ministry as believers, and our faith?

Promotions: Another area of the rat race involves increasing our popularity, or promotion with others. This is also known as being a people pleaser. Seems so subtle and innocent to want to please others and have them like us – what’s wrong with that? However, this too can mask deeper intentions that are not so innocent. Why do we desire others to like us so much and at what cost? What are we willing to compromise and allow ourselves to become a slave to? If we pursue popularity, we risk losing our identity, or even worse, never even knowing the customized identity God created us to display in and through us.  

Application: “No Time To Kill” – Ephesians 5:15-17

Time is truly short – yet, so easy to squander on hollow treasures. I find I must surrender daily, sometimes hourly, to the temptations this world offers and my flesh craves – the desire to please myself, my interests, my indulgences, and for my promotion. However, in reality, all my kids really want is their daddy with them; and my wife – she just wants her soulmate and friend. They just want me – my time and my love. The same is true for God. So many songs and movies have been made about the workaholic who unknowingly sacrifices their loved ones and more important matters for their work. May we always strive to give our best in all we do, but never at the cost of others. May we call on God to strengthen us to use our time wisely, and boycott being just another rat in the race.

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