Like The Wind

So many things can grab our attention, but in the end, we discover our pursuit for them is like grasping at the wind. King Solomon speaks of this in Ecclesiastes – how everything under the sun is like a chasing of the wind. I can be tempted to feel like this even today, but thankfully it’s nothing like it used to be. For now I know the truth and where my firm foundation is found.

Love: “Looking for love in all the wrong places” is a lyric from a country song that speaks of lonely hearts seeking satisfaction in all the wrong ways and by looking to all the wrong faces. It’s not a Christian song naturally, but there’s much truth in those words.  For I recall thinking how love could relieve all my pain. It could be the answer to all my problems, but that’s because I didn’t know what love truly was. I thought it was something that was there to meet my needs. Instead, love is found in and through Christ and until we possess and understand this sacrificial love, we are incapable of truly loving others. For Christ is love and without Him, how can we possibly give or receive love the way it was intended?

Legacy: Most desire to make a name for themself, but what kind of name? I used to want a mega-million kinda name. Known more for what I had, rather than who I was as a person. Why? Because I got caught in the lie of thinking my selfworth was tied to my net worth. We love celebrities and to watch lifestyles of the rich and famous, desiring to be one, but at what cost? For what if we gained the whole world, but forfeit our soul? What would we have gained? I know the feeling of chasing this wrong legacy. Ultimatley, I had to choose and make a dramatic decision. Because as H.L. Hunt once said, “we must decide what we want and then decide what we are willing to exchange for it.” Everything comes with a cost – What is the legacy we are chasing costing us? The wrong one is costly indeed!

Life: Life on earth is brief in contrast to eternity. However, it’s easy to get tripped up into thinking these present moments are all we have.  Ultimately, life is all about Jesus Christ and He is all about others. So, as we look to Jesus, how did He invest His life and how can we do likewise with the tools, talents, treasures, testimonies, and time we’ve been given? 

Application: “The Chase Is On!” – Ecclesiastes 12:13

A chasing after the wind doesn’t have to define our life. Once I realized I was doing this very thing, I was inspired to do something about it. For as I looked around, I saw many others caught in this same spiral of activity. Chasing money, love, relationships, personal power – you name it, we chase it. But what if we transformed this chase to pursue Christ instead? What if He remained first and foremost in our jobs, marriage, relationships, hobbies, and all we do? Just imagine the impact in our life and the lives of others.

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