Magnetic Motives

If being completely honest, I am continually tempted to charge full steam ahead under my own power, my own ability, and my own insight. The good news is, I have become more aware of this reflex tendency and work to quickly step back, take a breath and seek God first. However, I’m sure there are still times, my “go get ’em” attitude gets the best of me, and I lunge forward before I should. We all will face these times, because our flesh and the world continually attract us like a magnet to three primary enticements – possessions, power and pleasures.  But, when we come to the point of fully surrendering all these areas, we discover the beauty of abundant living: 

Possessions: We like stuff, and many times, the pursuit for more becomes our obsession. More money, more toys, more vacations equals more freedom – right? I have fought this magnetic battle for many years – the illusion that self worth is tied to net worth, but I have also discovered the truth behind this myth and try to share my personal testimony in this area with as many as possible. So often we allow money to drive our decisions. It often determines where we live, what we go to school for, how we invest our time, etc. Now, none of this is necessarily wrong, but when money is our primary decision factor and motivator it quickly sneaks in to become our god. For God should be our primary motivator and seeking His guidance, rather than the amount of money should be our first point of priority.    

Power: Power may sound like something a Christian wouldn’t struggle with, but in reality it is. For within the pursuit of power are the enticements of having more. More followers, more fans, more influence, more prominence, more notoriety and more press clippings. However, this too, even though not a bad thing, can quickly position itself to higher priority status in our life than it should be. Again, it’s a matter of our primary motivator – is it God and His desired position in our life, or do we seek to climb and claw to acquire more in our own timing?   

Pleasures: Pleasures are not a bad thing. For God created pleasure and all good things come from Him. However, once again, if pleasures become our primary pursuit, we get in trouble. Perhaps we seek happiness and if not happy, we move out of position where God has us to find “greener pastures” only to discover we moved out of a place God purposely had us. Do we trust God to move us when He wants to move us, or decide to move ourselves in pursuit of pleasures? My only point is, seek God first in all things and He will move and provide, and when He does, we know we are following His lead, not our own.

Application: “An Abundant Life” – Hebrews 13:5
The abundant life as I have begun to discover over the years, comes from living for God more than for me. In short, the abundant life, is a surrendered life – in all areas and trusting Him to provide for all our needs. I believe our level of contentment is directly tied to our level of confidence in Christ.

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