Sweet & Sour

The Word of God is so sweet. It nourishes our heart, mind, body and soul. Yet, with the Word we also gain clarity to all it entails. This means we are no longer ignorant to the things of God and this sobriety can create in us a sour stomach to the devastation those without Jesus Christ will endure. This broken heart for the lost and the hope we carry in faith is a powerful motivator to send us out and to reach out to all people. The question we must consider is if we do not carry this weight and care?  Three primary positions affect our calling in this area:

Position of Prayer: Without prayer, we are not in communication with God. For prayer is the way we speak to God. It is time we share with our Creator, receive guidance, direction, send praise and thanksgiving and even present our requests for the day and beyond. What a gift prayer is and therefore it must have a primary position in our life. For without it, we can not be as effective in our calling. How could we? Just like we speak with our best friends, family and loved ones on a regularly basis, so should our communion with God.    

Position of Pride: When we are filled with pride, we drift from the ways and will of God. For pride is all about self, but when we humble ourselves and acknowledge our brokenness apart from our Savior, He reaches in to work out His purposes through such broken vessels.

Position of Perspective: When we have a Biblical perspective, we have everything. For our perspective guides our response to challenges, opportunities, problems, prosperities and choices. When we believe we serve a good God, who has our best interests at heart, no matter what, we understand our difficulties go beyond harm and can in fact harness us. He uses all things to strengthen us and promote His plans and purposes through us. Therefore, no matter what we face, we can face it in faith that He will guide and lead us in every way to grow and bless us so that we may be a better blessing to others.

Application: “Opportunity Knocks” – Colossians 4:4
With God, everything is an opportunity. An opportunity to trust Him, obey Him, serve Him, praise Him, share Him and bring Him honor. What a gift to walk through life with Christ knowing every difficulty, every reward, everything that comes our way is an opportunity to learn, grow and bless.

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