Fit For The Fight 

As Christians, we are to be peacemakers, but this does not mean we are not in a fight. For we are clearly told our struggle is real and that we have an enemy. Therefore, we must always be ready and never let our guard down, or assume we are without the need to fight:

Faith: One of our first struggles is against our flesh. For it rages against what our Spirit compels. When God urges surrender and sacrifice, the flesh desires possession and pleasure. However, as we walk with God and trust in Him, He strengthens our faith, and as it grows, so does our fitness to fight. Helping us to resist the temptations of our flesh and the world and turn to the treasures of the Spirit.       

Freedom: We realize freedom always comes with a cost. For our Spiritual freedom, Jesus Christ laid down His life and rose again so that those who believe in Him can receive eternal life through Him. Yet the fight for freedom continues. For there are many still held in spiritual bondage. As His children, we are called to go forth to help set these captives free by sharing the truth of the gospel and the good news Christ offers. Still, this does not come easy. For we must fight against the pressures to do otherwise. To resist. To keep quiet. To stay put. May we fight the good fight and always be committed and ready to go forth in love.  

Future: There is no hope, or eternal future without Jesus Christ. Therefore, there is a fight for a future. A future of a growing faith, not a stagnate one. A future of sharing our faith with others, and not keeping it to ourselves, and a future for our time here on earth, to finish well. 

Application: “Onward Christian Soldier” – Ephesians 6:13 
Are we fit for the fight? No doubt, there will be struggle, doubts, resistance and pain, but we are not alone. We are sent with the power of the Holy Spirit, and we should never seek to go out alone. For what God calls us to, He also equips us to do, and promises to never leave, or forsake us. When we know this and keep this in mind, we can face the adversary and obstacles to our mission with an ever present hope and commitment to keep on fighting the good fight.

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