Kingdom Building

Most of us are ambitious and that is not necessarily a bad thing. For God is extremely ambitious. Just think of it – He desires that all might be saved. Now, that’s a big time desire! Therefore, as His children it makes sense that we too would be ambitious. However, there is a fine line, for unlike God, our dreams can quickly become self-serving and motivated to build our kingdoms over His.

Dreams: I have always been a big dreamer. I was always that kid sitting in class, staring out the window and getting busted for daydreaming. As I grew, so did my dreams, but if I’m being completely honest, most of those dreams were self-serving. For I wanted to make lots of money, have lots of toys and go lots of places. Are these bad? No, but they are selfish. Today, my deepest desire is to have God’s dreams become my dreams. I still have strong ambitions, that’s just how I’m wired, but now, may those ambitions be for Him and His goals for my life. After all, our Father knows best!     

Dedications: When we pursue dreams, we dedicate ourselves, our time, our talents, and our treasures towards them. Sometimes, this can become all-consuming and distract us from our other commitments. Thankfully, with God ordained dreams, He guides us in accomplishing them without sacrificing the other commitments He has called us to. Thus, all the more reason to pursue and possess His dreams over our own.

Destinations: How do we know our dreams our His dreams? Clearly, some of us have businesses, careers and other things we are obligated to that may first appear to not be Kingdom directed, but when we are surrendered to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, He can use whatever we have and wherever we are for His glory. Our jobs and businesses can become platforms to share our testimonies, reflect His glory and promote His Kingdom. Keep our focus on Him and He will control our destinations.

Application: “HE>i” – John 3:30   
There is a company founded in Hawaii called He is greater than I, and they have this great logo which also serves as a great reminder. I must decrease so that He may increase in all we do in our lives. Let us purse great dreams, but may they also be surrendered to Him so that in all we do we live to build His Kingdom and not merely our own.

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