Money Talks

We all have songs that seem to capture moments and themes in our lives. For me and my wife, Forever In Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond is one of those songs. For those who have never heard it, it references how money definitely talks. It has value, but ultimately, it can’t sing and dance – meaning it’s not alive and it’s not as valuable as sharing a life with someone you love. I work in the world of finance and have struggled personally with finding work life balance, with wanting more; but as I walk with God, He continues to teach me more and more, the value and power of contentment, gratitude and loving relationships. Those things money can never buy:

Loving: When we realize the tremendous value of genuine love, we realize how blessed we truly are to have it. Money may bring associates and fare weather friends, but true love is never based on money (1 Corinthians 13:3). Some of the most memorable times my wife and I share are when we simply went out for ice cream because our budget didn’t allow for a nice dinner – and at that time, it didn’t matter. We still laughed, we still smiled, we still loved. For love isn’t based on money in the slightest, and the power of seeing that when we have a little, or a lot, is priceless.

Laughing: When is the last time you had a really good belly laugh? The kind of laugh that brings tears to your eyes and you can’t even breathe. Those are great aren’t they? They seem to come when we quit worrying and fretting over what we don’t have, or over particular situations that may be going on around us. They seem to come when we are at peace, relaxed, and with company we enjoy and trust (Psalm 4:7). It’s a time of vulnerability and connection. Sure, we can pay money to see a good comedian, or movie and laugh, but there’s something different and special when it comes from those special moments shared with a friend.  

Living: As stated earlier, money isn’t alive, but it sure does have an impact on us as if it were. Sadly, many make it their ultimate goal in life. They live and die for it. They mistakenly assume their self worth is based on their net worth. They long for it, stress over it, and obsess over it. However, when we step back from this deceit, we realize how empty this type of life is. For money comes and goes. True life is experienced when it is lived out. Poured out. It comes from Christ and living with a perspective beyond the accumulation of money. It’s engaging the ups and downs of life in faith, investing in others, loving others, serving others and enjoying the adventures God sets before us – as we prioritize His purposes over our own (John 10:10).

Application: “Forever In Blue Jeans” – Luke 9:25  
Wealth is actually defined as an abundant supply of a desirable thing. However, we often limit it to just money. But, what are the other things we desire? Clearly, a loving family, good health, nurturing relationships and a growing faith would rank among them. So, what if we have these things, but never possess millions in the bank – does this mean we aren’t rich? I would argue otherwise.  In reality, it makes one richer than most. 

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