Where God Guides – He Provides

When we are young we dream about what we want to be when we grow up. For my children these career dreams have ranged from wanting to be a chef, a race car driver, a veterinarian, a dentist and even a CIA spy. It’s a joy to watch children dream, but for many of us, what we eventually end up doing is rarely what we dreamed, or even go to school for. When I think back on my days of deciding what I wanted to be, it would have been nice to have had someone tell me to seek God’s direction for my life and let Him guide me. Granted, I know this today, but admittedly, there are still times I temporarily forget He has plans for me. Truly, God will guide us when we seek Him, but an even greater promise is that wherever He guides, He also provides (Isaiah 58:11):

Calling: Have you ever felt called to something? This is a mission and/or cause we do no matter the compensation factor and is driven by a deep seeded passion. For the longest time I tried to find my calling, never realizing that my calling is not a place. Instead, it is my position in Christ, to be made more like Christ and to be His ambassador on earth (2 Corinthians 5:20). As a result, this can be done wherever we are, through whatever we do and wherever we go.

Direction: If our ultimate calling is to be made more like Christ, it makes sense that we are to ultimately share His attributes. However, we aren’t capable of this by ourselves. Therefore, He gives us direction and guidance through His word, Spirit, prayer and counsel from other believers. For me, I soon realized how as my Shepherd, God is dedicated to serve as my protector, provider, pastor and preparer. This means He not only does this for me, but all believers and in turn, He directs me to serve others the same. I too am a shepherd to the flock He has assigned me, and I too am to teach them Biblical truth (pastor), protect and provide for them spiritually and physically; and help prepare them as good stewards to continue the legacy of discipleship (John 21:15-17).

Provision: God promises to work in us and through us. He also promises to meet all our needs as we pursue our calling in Christ (Philippians 4:19). We may want a different job, different circumstances and different conditions, but none of these things change our calling. Our calling can happen right where we are and right now. Nothing has to change other than our decision to act. He has given us all time, talents, treasures and testimonies to share. The question is are we investing them wisely to advance our calling as disciple makers as we go forth about our days never forgetting our roles as Godly shepherds who help pastor, provide, protect and prepare others? 

Application: “Set Free” – Exodus 8:1
God invited Moses to participate in His plan to set His people free from slavery in Egypt. Likewise, Christ has set us free from the slavery of sin and invites us/calls us, to participate in His plan to set more free until His return. Thankfully, our current job, family members, community and friends serve as ideal gateways into the world so that we can live out this calling.  

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