Gifts Lift 

Every life has meaning and value. Sometimes this can be forgotten, but it still doesn’t neglect its truth. Unfortunately, many do not feel as though their lives have value. I have met many who have lost the desire to dream. They have lost hope and confess to simply be in survival mode. The same is true for many in the workplace. They feel as though they are trapped and simply punching a time clock. This is true even for Christians. Is this the abundant life Christ promised? Without hope, goals, dreams and desires, life can be rather drab, but the good news is for followers of Christ, He restores dreams designed after His own heart. Better yet, he equips us to accomplish all the desires He calls us to do:

Personal Strengths: We all have gifts and strengths. Some use theirs to promote personal agendas, but for those who surrender their gifts to Christ and seek to invest them for His Kingdom, a great power and benefit is realized – gifts lift. When we focus on leveraging and developing our gifts for Godly purposes, we are energized and discover the beautiful peace and rest that comes from being “poured out”(1 Peter 4:10). So that rather than a restless sleep, we discover the restful sleep Christ promises His workers investing the gifts He gives for His purposes. 

Others’ Strengths: When we begin to focus on the strengths and gifts of others, rather than their weakness and shortcomings, we help release their potential. Godly leaders see the best in others and desire to help them develop their strengths (1 Thessalonians 5:11). For confident leaders seek to multiply and develop other leaders and promote their strengths. As a result, greater benefits and advancement can occur when various gifts are leveraged, developed and deployed. 

Combined Strengths: Any team can testify to the benefits that come from unifying every players strengths. The same is true for family, business, work, church and community. Anywhere a team can be found, by focusing on strengths, the burden is lightened and progress is made. This is a powerful truth for the body of Christ. When we seek to build one another for the advancement of the Kingdom and seek God’s direction in our lives and then surrender our gifts and abilities to Him, He works through His body, the church, to most effectively go into all the world and share the gospel with all creation (Ephesians 4:12). 

Application: “Given Tools To Use” – Romans 12:6  

Sadly, many struggle with insecurities, doubts, discouragement, distractions and strongholds that prevent them from fully deploying their gifts. Some may even say they don’t have any strengths, but of course this is a lie Satan loves to tell believers to keep them sidelined. For our enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy all God loves and created – that includes us, our God given dreams, our potential and our Kingdom impact. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be our realty for God has set us free from such bondage and declares victory. We simply have to trust, obey and deploy.

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