Garden Party 

When a seed is planted, it begins a process. First, it is surrendered to its new environment deep in the ground. Second, it begins to grow from within and break through its hard outer shell. Finally, it begins to grow by spreading its roots deeper and its stalk higher. Eventually, it is strong enough to begin bearing its own fruit and multiplying by spreading more seed. As Christians, this is a beautiful illustration to what happens to us. However, weeds also start as seeds. Therefore, it’s important to be aware that similar processes takes place for both the good seed and bad:

Surrendering: A vital question to consider is what we choose to surrender the majority of our time, talents and treasures to. What have we buried ourselves to? For this reveals our priorities. For the longest time, what I said were my priorities, and what I chose to invest the majority of my time and thinking to were not the same. They were in conflict. I said I prioritized my family, but was mentally disengaged due to my over-concentration to work. I said I was a Christian, but wasn’t surrendered to Christ as my Lord. He may have been my Savior, but I wasn’t allowing Him to be my Master. For I was placing other things in that role. Thus, may we always take the time to investigate what our life choices are saying about our surrendering (Matthew 16:25).      

Shattering: When we surrender to something, it begins to grow within us. It begins to occupy more of our thoughts and our time. Thereby, other things begin to get choked out. As we surrender to Christ, His desires, His ways and His word begin to grow within us and choke out those areas that don’t belong (2 Corinthians 5:17). However, when we choose to surrender to other priorities such as work, money, hobbies and self, which in and of themselves aren’t bad, they begin to multiply and choke other areas. When Christ is first, He transforms all of these areas that threaten to rule us so that can can be used as tools to for His glory and His purposes.  

Spreading: Shattering must take place in order for spreading and multiplication to occur.When Christ is primary, He takes our Spiritual roots deeper so that we can grow stronger. We then are equipped to multiply and be fruitful. Yet again, the danger is sin will always try to compete and pursue being spread out rather than choked out. It also wants to grow its roots deep and grow stronger in our lives and multiply its weeds among the wheat. Therefore, we must always prayerfully seek what is being multiplied and spreading in our life – is it weeds, or wheat (Mark 4:7-8)?   

Application: “Sprout Don’t Pout” – Psalm 1:1-3

Seeds are a beautiful illustration to many of God’s promises for us. For they provide nourishment to other living things, and have placed within them the power to multiply. They also begin with outer shells that when shattered begin to sprout to create new life. All this resembles what Christ does in and through us. The caution is, weeds and other displeasing seeds have potential to multiply as well. Ever seen a garden overrun by weeds? The same damaging result can happen to us, when we fail to realize their multiplication power when ignored and other areas left neglected.

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