In God We Trust

In America we have “In God We Trust” printed on our money, which should serve as a good reminder to what our top priority and focus should be. However, if we’re honest, many times, it’s the money we actually trust. We may trust that how much, or how little we have of it determines our success, security and stability in life. However, this of course is never true. For God is our source for living a successful life, our security and stability. For when He is trusted above all, our perspectives are properly aligned to view everything that comes our way as opportunities for Him to build our faith and expand His truth: 

Trials: We all face trials, difficulty and problems. Yet, when we trust that God has allowed these trials to enter our life for a reason and purpose, we can trust our trials to Him. We may not like the situations and problems we face, but we know He is in control and when we surrender to Him and pursue Him throughout our trials, He strengthens our faith and allows our difficulties to serve as blessings to ourselves and others (James 1:2).  

Tests: Tests can sometimes be confused with trials and temptations. However, we are told that temptations do not come from God. In addition, trials are typically problem areas we face, but tests can come in the form of seemingly successful situations. For example, a test might come in the form of more money, a job promotion, public praise and etc. They serve to reveal and cleanse our hearts, much like trials can do. Thus, when we trust God, we can face such tests knowing He has brought, or allowed them for good reason (Deuteronomy 8:16).

Taming: Taming can also be seen as fine tuning. It is when God is figuratively taking sand paper to polish down our rough edges. This of course involves tests and trials for in God’s hands they serve as tools to help purify us and make us more like Christ – including more kind, gentle, patient, loving, humble and true (Isaiah 1:25). 

Application: “Better Than Bitter” – Hebrews 12:15 
The dangers to not placing God as the primary source of our trust are numerous, but one of the most treacherous risks is in the area of bitterness. This is because without a Christ-centered perspective we begin to doubt, question and misunderstand why things are happening. We may also begin believing too much in our abilities as reasons for our success, or for solutions to trials. Yet, when we trust God in all situations, we can possess peace, rather than panic, knowing all these things happening to us can work together is for good and be used to make us better disciples for His Kingdom.    

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