“Rock and Roll”

I appreciate all styles of music, and as we know, musical styles are largely influenced by one another. For example, the expression “rock and roll” was initially used to describe the rocking and rolling motion felt when sailing on a ship. However, the description was later adapted to describe the style of music that blended country and western with jazz and blues. For it contributed to the listener and players rocking and rolling. Similarly, the rhythms of life have plenty of ups and downs, causing us to feel like we’re rocking and rolling against its waves. Here are few examples of such highs and lows:

Problems: Who doesn’t have problems? Yet, how we deal and respond to these problems varies. If we realize problems can’t be avoided, and learn to trust God when they do, we are better positioned to learn the lessons God has injected in them to teach us (Romans 8:28). Thus, when difficulties arise, it’s not solely wondering why they happen, but also what God up to in allowing them to happen. For example, what is it God wants to teach me, show me and do through me?

Praise: We all like praise, but it has been said that very few men are able to carry a full cup (Proverbs 16:18). This means many of us are made vulnerable to praise due to pride, ego, insecurity, vanity and sin. Thus, how we respond to praise is much like how we respond to problems. What platform is God allowing us to use for His honor and glory. How might we display Him to a broader audience and share our testimonies to the encouragement of others as we point all eyes to Christ.

Perseverance: Sailors gain their “sea legs” when the rocking and rolling of the ship no longer causes them to stumble and tumble. Likewise, Christians gain “sea legs” to the ups and downs of life as God builds our perseverance. We are able to see them for what they are and as opportunities to expand and share His Kingdom to others (Jeremiah 29:11).

Application: “Build The Bridge”Matthew 10:16
In music, the “bridge” is used to contrast with and prepare for the return of the verse and chorus. It sounds different from the chorus, but is part of the same song. Likewise, life has many bridges, or interruptions, but these are part of our life song. They make it more beautiful, interesting, engaging and enjoyable. Without the ups and the downs, we’d be flatlined. Thus, God builds and allows interruptions to come our way to teach us, mature us and share with us some of His greatest gifts – love, grace and mercy. Therefore, may we enjoy the days we have been given and the harmony of life. For when we trust God with everything and not just some things, the ups and downs make our life’s music more beautiful.

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