Profit Points

  Profit is defined as a gain, benefit and/or advantage. Thus, who doesn’t prefer to profit in life? Even more powerful is when we learn to define profitability through God’s eyes, rather than the world’s. Here are a few of the ways, God reveals His Kingdom gains:

Desire: What do we desire most? Is it more money, career advancement, relationships and/or happiness? None of these desires are wrong. However, when our desire for God isn’t first, these other interests can quickly enslave and slay their pursurers (Matthew 6:24). Therefore, it’s vital we possess clarity with our priorities. Otherwise, we can be distracted, become too busy and soon discover our time with the Lord is strained and reduced, along our Kingdom purpose.

Direction: Without direction, we go nowhere and sadly, many are living aimless and hopeless. However, with Christ, there is no need to ever be in such a condition. For He promises to direct our steps, make them firm and lead us in ways to maximize our potential and calling (Psalm 37:23). As a result, when we know where we’re going, others notice our clarity, purpose and peace. For this type of confidence stands out in a world of chaos and confusion and attracts them to learn more about its source, which allows us to share the good news of our Lord.

Development: We all have something missing God wants to give us. None of us, as they say, have “arrived”. For we are all on a journey and pilgrimage in life – no one has it all together. However, Christ does have all the answers and all we need (Jeremiah 29:11). Yet, how can we ever receive all He has planned for us if we sacrifice time with Him? God must be sovereign and supreme in order for us to build a relationship, but as our relationship grows, so does our development in faith, clarity, wisdom, direction and divine revelation. Who wouldn’t want that?

Application: “Developmental Direction”Jeremiah 29:4-9
We are not left here on earth to simply react and survive a mass array of random events, without meaning, or purpose. On the contrary, we are designed with purpose and have glorious plans prepared for us by our heavenly Father. Our part is choosing to participate with His plans, or making due with the futile strivings of man? Each life can impact another life for good and each life can be lived with value and purpose when entrusted to God. May we always be wise and humble enough to choose God’s ways over our own

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