What is overflow? One example would be when our cups are too full to hold any more. As a result, if more is poured in, there is an overflow. This is also a beautiful illustration of how our life with Christ can be. However, there are times we are tempted to try and catch the overflow, or restrict it by not believing such abundance of blessing could ever continue. So, we may try to cling to as much of it as we can, while we can. Yet, this is short-sided thinking, as well as a demonstration to a lack of faith on our part. Reminding ourselves to the three components of overflow however can aid our responses to it:

Reception: Many may be thinking right now, I wish I had some overflow! For our problems may seem insurmountable and it appears we can’t catch a break. However, as believers and followers of Jesus Christ, God’s word assures us He will always provide for our needs, protect us for eternity and can always work the problems that plague us for His glory and our ultimate good. These truths alone are a bountiful display to God’s overflow and blessing in our life! The question is do we believe and receive them (Mark 9:24)?

Release: When overflow occurs, we now face the opportunity of release. As a preacher once described, “God doesn’t desire His blessings to get trapped in cul-de-sacs. Rather, He desires conduits who allow His blessings to flow through to others“. God is generous and enjoys working through His reliable disciples, who in turn receive additional blessings by being willing participants in God’s plans – trusting His provisions never run dry (Proverbs 22:9).

Reward: Our rewards as Christians are too numerous to count. However, unfortunately many of us fail to claim many of the blessings God has stored for us. Any number of reasons, including our doubts and fears can hold us back from living the abundant life Christ promises (John 10:10). However, these lies don’t have to control our lives any longer. For Christ broke their chains, and as we walk in faith, trusting Him, we receive the rewards He promises and fear is replaced with faith, and doubt with trust. Thus, allowing us to receive his gifts with humble gratitude and share them with grateful praise. Truly these are blessed rewards!

Application: “Dead End” – Matthew 6:19-20
May God’s blessings never find us to be dead ends. Although we may feel we have nothing to share, or give, the greatest treasure anyone can possess is Christ. Therefore, if we have Him, we have more than all the world can give. Thus, let us share Him lovingly and willingly and as a result our lives will overflow with the treasures that never end, or fail.

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