Fly Courageous 

It can be difficult to maintain focus when we are bombarded with distractions and detractions pulling us from our divine destinations. Yet for the courageous Christian, willing to obey and trust God with whatever consequences come our way, the rewards are worth the sacrifice, especially in the areas seemingly under the highest assault:  

Faith: We must determine where our faith is placed. Is it in our circumstances, positions, or Jesus Christ? Doubts may come when things don’t seem to be going our way. Perhaps we lost our job, can’t find a job, our marriage is challenged, our children are rebelling, our health is failing, and the list goes on and on. As a result, if our faith is in our circumstances we will be filled with worry, anxiety, doubt and uncertainty. However, when Christ is our firm foundation, we know He is aware of our circumstances. This allows us to place our trust in Him and His purposes. So that we can be courageous in facing all things that may come our way. For we know, He is with us and promises to never leave us (Deuteronomy 31:6). Then, as we surrender our circumstances to Him and allow Him to use them and us however He desires to fulfill His purposes in and through us, our confidence and faith grows.     

Family: The family of God is under attack. However, it always has been. So, we shouldn’t be surprised. For we don’t have a people problem, but a sin problem. Therefore, we can’t possibly expect to protect and provide for our families as we should through our own efforts. Rather, Christ is the only One to win against sin – for He already has! Thus, we have this confidence that if we ask anything according to His will, He responds – and clearly God has a Christ-centered family in His will (1 John 5:15)! Let us invite Him into our families and place Him first and foremost and let Him have His way with us – for His way is the best way.

Finance: The Bible speaks of money often for good reason. For many unknowingly, or even pridefully place gold as their God. Money can quickly become a stronghold in our lives and consistently ranks as a top area of tension and struggle for many families. As we know, gold is clearly not a God and has no power, other than what we choose to give it. Therefore, the only cure for the creed, pride, envy, and discontentment driving us to money is a reconditioning of our heart. However, this work can only be completed by Christ as we surrender all to Him – even our money. For everything is His. We are simply stewards entrusted to manage wisely all He has given to glorify Him and promote His purposes over our own (Luke 12:34). 

Application: “Dare To Be Different” – Psalms 37:4
It’s so tempting to want to fit in. We see this with clothing styles all the time. For example, a certain brand of clothes may hit the market and people soon flock to have the new trend proudly promoted on their shirts, ties and/or pants despite the cost. Likewise, many of our priorities can also be twisted to turn us towards what the world wants us to desire. Let us therefore, dare to be different and courageous in the way we live out our faith, invest in our families and steward our finances.

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