Awesome Awareness

During a travel I was fortunate to make through parts of South Africa, I experienced landscapes that were literally breathtakingly beautiful. In fact, they are beyond description. This is a place where the tides of the ocean crash against jagged mountain cliffs and contrast themselves against crystal blue skies. Although impossible for me to adequately capture in words, I can still visualize the images in my mind and recall how my eyes swelled with tears as my senses tried to absorb such splendor. 

However, it wasn’t the beauty in and of itself that struck me, but rather Who it all pointed to. The awesome awareness of God’s profoundness as Creator was overwhelming. His magnificence overtook me and continues to overtake me on a daily basis. Despite living in a dark and sinful world, God’s glory can still be clearly seen as we take time to slow down and take notice:     

In Nature: Nature is an incredible gift God has given to us, and there are many responses people have towards it. For some it is worshipped as a god. For others, it is barely noticed, taken for granted, neglected and abused. However, for others, who know the one true God, we get to see His glory, masterful creativity and absolute genius. It shouts and declares His existence and for those of us who know His truth, it inspires our praise, worship and gratitude for all He is, all He has done, and all He does (Psalm 19:1).     

In Art: The sounds and sights of beautiful art can stimulate similar responses in us as nature does. For me, I cannot help but be in awe of those gifted with the abilities to create such masterpieces (Exodus 31:3). Although some clearly don’t believe in God, this only impresses upon me more a holy marvel towards my God – for His love is so great and graceful that He gives so freely such beautiful gifts to people even though they might deny Him.  

In Achievement: Whether it be athletic, business, personal and/or civic accomplishment, success stories are both inspirational and declarational. For those who overcome tremendous odds and obtain triumphant victories rally hopes and stimulate praise for the hard work and sacrifice that was made. However, they also declare and demonstrate the power and goodness of God – for it is from Him all good things flow (James 1:17). 

Application: “Existence Without Excuse” – Romans 1:20   
Life is not without cruelty, injustice and pollutants. However, there is also God’s divine grace and traces of Him wherever we find goodness, love, righteousness and beauty. Therefore, through Christ, despite the darkness, we are freed to see His love expressed through all His creation – which in turn comforts His children with an awesome awareness to the power and presences of God while declaring His existence to an unbelieving world so that they too may be without excuse

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