Higher Ways

We simply can’t begin to understand all the ways of God. However, we can know what He has revealed to us, and one of the primary truths we have to cling to in times of uncertainty is that His ways are higher than our ways. Therefore, no matter what circumstances, problems and/or situations we face, we can take comfort in knowing He remains in control and can use all these things for our good and His glory:

Aggressors: This world is filled with aggressors. Those that seek to aggravate our wellbeing either emotionally, physically and for some, even spiritually. However, we do not need to allow these stressors to disturb us. For Christ is all-powerful and can use even aggressions to progress His purposes. This may be very difficult for us to understand and even trust at times. For we see unrighteousness and evil celebrating their victories. Thus, we cry, where is God? But as He reminds us, He is close to the oppressed and blesses those who are persecuted as He encourages us to fear not (Matthew 5:10). 

Associations: Our associations in this life can often work and be positioned in our life in ways we could never imagine. I know for me, God has used my associations to direct me in new careers, create new platforms of communication, open doors of opportunity and close doors of opposition. It is amazing how God can use others to advance His purposes in our life and use us to advance His plans in the lives of others (Ecclesiastes 4:9).

Authorities: The authorities in our life can be difficult. However, there is no kingdom, or ruler over God (Romans 13:1). Thus, no matter how challenging the authorities in our life may be, when we submit our lives to God and seek to serve Him over man, He can use even those above us to advance His purposes for His people. Ultimately, impacting communities, churches and countries.

Application: “The Good Life”John 10:10 
The all encompassing good life can not be found here on earth. For it is filled with uncertainty, but when we take our focus off the world and prioritize our life under God, we soon discover and realize He offers the best life. For in Him and through Him, we find peace in stress, joy in pain and confidence in chaos.

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