God Playing Favorites?

  Occasionally, someone will innocently ask me if I have a favorite child. Initially, I had a hard time understanding this question. For each of my children challenge me, bless me and fulfill me in various and different ways. Granted, sometimes, one is easier than the other to discipline, correct and/or instruct, but I honestly have no favorite. Which leads me to our title – Does God have favorites? Thankfully, the Bible clearly tells us that God does not have favorites and that His gospel is a blessing to all, not some (Acts 10:34). Naturally, there might be some God has an easier time accomplishing His desires in and through, but through Christ, we are all saved by grace, not by our works and/or deeds. This truth therefore benefits us all and springs forth blessings to us in various ways – without favoritism:

For Strength: We all have problems and difficulty. No one is immune, for we live in a fallen world. However, despite our challenges, God can use them to strengthen us, our faith and others (Luke 22:32). We may sometimes feel as though God plays favorites because others don’t appear to have the same level of difficulties. However, Christ tells us not to compare ourselves, or our situations to others. For all believers share in difficulties Christ either allows, or brings in order to generate the growth, strengthening and development He desires in order to accomplish His greatest good.

For Submission: It may be harder for some to learn the power of submission. This may be due to pride, former abuse and/or a lack of trust. However, when we learn to submit to God’s sovereignty in our life, we receive the power of divine perspective. Is there any area we still cling to and refuse to submit to God? Is it our money, family, jobs, positions and/or problems? No matter what it is, when we fully surrender to Christ, we receive His promises of a life filled with His abundance (John 21:22).

For Sharing: No matter what we are going through, have gone through and/or have benefited from, there is great power in sharing these blessings with others. How do we do this? Through all our experiences God is developing our talents, treasures and testimonies and has given us time to invest them wisely. Our role in seeking and obeying God is how we can share all these unique treasures with others, but in order to do that most effectively, we must prioritize Christ first, others second and ourselves last (Mark 12:30-31).

Application: “Reflections of Christ” – 2 Corinthians 3:18
Granted, it may seem like others have it easier than we do. Yet, some seem to have it harder. So, is God playing favorites? Not at all. He gave us all His only begotten Son, and for those who believe in Him begin the great journey of discipleship. God will no doubt equip and use His children differently, but as the body of Christ goes to work in various ways, His favoring light reflects in all corners of the world’s darkness.

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