Drop Off

When we mail a letter, most of us won’t fret and panic over whether it will reach it’s location. We trust the mail system to do its part and get the letter to its desired destination. However, when it comes to trusting God with our prayers, we tend to trust the mail system to do its part more than we trust God to do His. For example, God doesn’t promise to say yes to every prayer, but He does answer them, in His way, His timing and according to His plans. Therefore, once we learn to trust God, like dropping a letter in the mail, many of our self-inflicted anxieties begin to fade away:

Work: Most of us work. Therefore, this area of our life carries a lot of weight. As a result, much of our time, energy and focus goes to work and begins at an early age, when we’re dreaming of what we “want to be”. Yet, how many of us actually invested the time to pray to God about what type of work He would like for us to pursue? Perhaps we landed in what we do by accident. Perhaps it was planned for us, or perhaps we are doing exactly what we always wanted to do. No matter how we ended up where we are, God can use us exactly where we are when we seek Him, trust Him and allow Him to work through us at our careers, homes, churches and communities (Matthew 5:16).

Worries: We can all tend to worry at times, even though God clearly instructs us not to. For many of us, we feel like we’re not doing anything, if we’re not worrying. However, once we release our worries to God and trust Him to care and resolve them, we begin to receive His unexplainable peace in those times of our greatest uncertainty and concern (Matthew 6:34).

Relationships: If we have people in our lives, we most likely have some problems. Why? Because the problem with people is we all have problems. However, our relationships are another key area we can drop off with God. When we know His Word, apply His Word and desire His Word in our lives, He instructs us on how to deal with difficulties among friends, family and even our foes (Romans 14:19).

Application: “You’ve Got Mail” – Philippians 4:6
No matter what our needs, desires, worries and goals are, when we present them to God and trust Him with their outcomes, we can trust His answers will be delivered. We may not like the time table, answer, or silence, but we can rejoice knowing we have a Father in heaven looking out for our best interests in love and that with God, we never have to live out our lives void of inner hope, joy and peace, despite our work, worries and relationships.

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