Assets and Liabilities

imageAn asset is defined as a useful and desirable thing, or quality. Conversely, a liability is described as something disadvantageous. When analyzed in financial terms, a good goal is to have more assets than liabilities. However, this also holds true for Christians. Thus, a beneficial question for us to consider is how we are investing the talents, treasures, time and testimonies we’ve been entrusted to serve as multiplying assets, rather than liabilities?

To Provide: When we congregate at church, are we the ones complaining about the music, the pastor’s message and/or passing judgements on the people there? Or, are we seeking to get involved, serve and help-out by offering encouragements, warm smiles and sharing testimonies to the honor of God? Likewise and even more broadly, do we strive to be the contributors wherever we are, or are we always the one seeking something from others (Titus 3:14)?

To Prosper: I once read a billboard that said, “Some people are like clouds, when they leave it becomes a sunny day“. Likewise, when we walk in a room, does it change for the better, or worse? Do our words and works prosper an environment, or create more problems? Assets appreciate a portfolio – may we always aspire to do the same by being appreciating contributors to our various environments (1 Corinthians 10:32-33). 

To Protect: Having exposure to too many liabilities is not a secure position. Assets on the other hand serve a positive role in not only providing for and prospering positions, but also protecting them. Can the same be said for us – does our presence add security and comfort to a situation? Are we a good steward and faithful shepherd with all the blessings we’ve been entrusted, or simply wasting and risking it all without regard to the costs and consequences our actions create for others (Acts 20:28)?

Application: “Net Worth?” – Revelation 3:15
A positive net worth is determined by subtracting liabilities from assets. If negative, we are potentially in a very risky and dangerous position. Likewise, what is our Christian net worth to others? Granted, we may be saved by the grace of God, but how much value are we contributing to the Kingdom through our character, conversation and conduct? Do we serve and give to the church, only take from it, or skip it altogether? Do we add value to the lives of others, or drain them? We all have bad days, but overall how is our spiritual net worth adding up?

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