Quest Quenchers?

imageA quest is defined as a pursuit to find something. To quench involves satisfying a thirst. Therefore, a good question for us to consider as believers is, what are we pursuing to quench our deepest thirsts? For we are all on a quest of some kind, either searching for meaning, purpose and value. Unfortunately, even believers are at risk of being lured away from our primary quest in pursuit of things that can never quench the Holy thirsts placed deep inside:

World: The enticements of this world can easily entangle us. Yet, its treasures can never truly satisfy. For how often have we seen those who seemingly gained worldly success openly admit to it not being all they had hoped it would be? This is because true fulfillment doesn’t come from what we get out of this world, but what is given through Christ (Isaiah 55:2).

Work: Many seek to quench their thirst for fulfillment through their work, as I once did. After all, promotions, power, prestige and possessions can all come from this one area. However, allowing our careers to direct our life choices is a limiting stronghold. Instead, when we allow God to direct our lives, our careers transform into platforms for us to minister to others and become “at-work” reflections of the gospel (Psalm 127:2).

Word: Only God can quench our thirsts. Yet, if we aren’t careful, we will allow our work and the world to detract us from our Divine duties. For example, do we think God desires us to be so busy that we have little to no time to pray, read His word and engage in fellowship? After all, these are blessed components of our faith, some believers are denied. Let us not forget how fortunate we are to have such freedom of worship. For they serve to encourage and equip us for the Good work He has called us to (Ephesians 6:18).

Application: “War of Worlds” – 1 Corinthians 10:23
We are at war. There is a war to detract us from the vital components of our faith. Therefore, let us be wise enough to examine and realign our priorities accordingly to ensure He is always first. For even if something is permissible – that doesn’t make it “contributional”.

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