Going For Greater

imageIt can be difficult to go for great when you don’t have a clear objective. It’s like trying to hit a target you can’t see. I recall thinking money was the ultimate goal. After all, the one with the most toys wins – right?  Obviously, I couldn’t have been more wrong, or misled. For when we fail to realize, surrender to, or embrace our ultimate purpose and positions in Christ, the devotions of this world can cause us to become distracted, discouraged and/or drifted from our Divine duties. Thankfully, God supplies us with all we need to get back on track and go for greater – His way:

Clarity: When there’s lack of clarity it’s difficult to execute effectively. Have you ever experienced absolute clarity in something and even though the task may have been difficult, there was a sense of confidence that existed because you knew your objective? It was clear. Likewise, when we know our objective in Christ, we are less likely to sway off course. For there is always peace and comfort in knowing our divinely positioned place, purpose and platform (Acts 20:24).

Confession: We can’t complete our Kingdom mission on our own. We must realize our dependence and reliance on Christ in order to fully accomplish our duties most effectively. However, many believers unfortunately fail to get adequately equipped to meet their daily demands by neglecting their most basic spiritual needs (2 Corinthians 3:5). We wouldn’t begin a physical journey without food and water. Therefore, why would we even think to begin our spiritual mission without prayer, worship, praise and fellowship?

Connection: Being connected to a power source supplies the charge required to meet the demands of our day. Likewise, when we remain connected to Christ, we are charged to in turn help connect others to Christ. After all, if the great mission is to make disciples and multiply disciple makers, how can we possibly do that without making consistent connections with Christ and others (Colossians 2:19)?

Application: “Catch The Calling” – 1 Corinthians 10:33
As children, some of us may have been encouraged to find a career we felt called to. However, many times this life choice is narrowed down to the amount of money it can make us. Is that what this life is all about? Finding the career that pays us the most? Rather, may we catch the calling Christ sends our way and allow Him to then align our circumstances and careers to serve as platforms propelling the mission He has called us to.

2 thoughts on “Going For Greater

  1. Yes! Prayer, time spent in God’s word, fellowship with other believers and giving praise to God are not only good aspects of life they are necessary. When we fail to fill our bodies with healthy food options, when we fail to hydrate adequately we are unable to function at our highest ability. The same is true in the Christian life. Without spending time with God we are going to be hindered in our walk with Christ. I am researching the topic of Confidence and would love to have you fill out a survey I am conducting. Here is the link if you are interested… https://melaniefellmanwrites.wordpress.com/2016/04/08/a-survey/


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