Good To Go?

  Clearly, we all desire God’s blessings. However, instead of solely seeking His blessings on what we do, there is great wisdom in seeking to do what He is blessing. This has been a different, but beneficial outlook for me. For it forces my focus off me and my deeds and places it where it should be, on Christ and His doings. Therefore, rather than asking God to go our way, we are truly “good to go”, when we seek to align our lives with God’s ways:

To Guide: We receive guidance from God as we walk in His ways (Psalm 37:23). He directs our steps, and although we may go through dark and scary times, we can be confident in knowing He will protect and provide for all our needs as He masterfully weaves our problems and opportunities into His plans.

To Glorify: When we glorify something, we bring great praise, honor, or distinction to it – and this is exactly what happens when we live our life for Christ (Matthew 5:16). He is glorified through, as one pastor says, our “character, conduct and conversations” by His Spirit. In addition, as we keep our focus on God, we become better stewards of such gifts and less likely to waste our time glorifying that which is apart from Him.

To Govern: We have a great responsibility to wisely govern and steward what we’ve been given (1 Kings 3:9). As an example, we have families, finances, our faith and even our health as precious gifts that can either be neglected, ignored, or nurtured. Fortunately, as we seek God, He empowers us with His wisdom so that we can care for these treasures most effectively for the benefit and expansion of His kingdom.

Application: “Go With God” – Exodus 33:15-16
We can attempt to chase our desires and dreams apart from God, but as many testimonies have proven, even if accomplished, they often times fail to fulfill long-term. This is because we were meant to be unified with God, and when we aren’t, we possess a void in our life that nothing can satisfy. However, when we decide to live our life for Christ and seek to be and go where He desires us to be – we begin living the life we are designed and destined for.

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