Boots, Diamonds and Denim

 In celebration of our 18 wedding anniversary today, this simple poem is for my wonderful wife, my best friend and most beautiful gift – and to have a little fun with her too 🙂

Since the first day she stole my heart, she has been a sweet dose of southern sunshine – bringing warmth, light and joy into my life. So, how can you tell when you might have found some southern sunshine too?

Well, what she wears might be a clue,
But remember to look beyond those boots, diamonds and denim.
For what exists down deep is where the real “Son” shines through:

Boots: She’s tough enough to tread over the roughest terrain
And put up with you when your mood is a drain.
She’s not afraid to get dirty and is built to last.
But this is no pre-madonna, or diva. She’s bold, with an appeal that comes from what she represents – best in class (Proverbs 31:17).

Diamonds: She’s not easily found.
For this treasure can only be forged over time and not simply lying around.
Her worth is greater than gold and her beauty beyond compare.
How precious she is! So, dig deep –
For she doesn’t thrive among the shallow, or near the junk heap (Proverbs 3:15).

Denim: Reliable comfort that fits like a glove.
She is soft, yet durable – and trustworthy as the Holy dove.
She perseveres through all kinds of weather.
She’s genuine, all-American and oh so true,
But these are only a few of the reasons I’m thankful God brought us together (Proverbs 31:25).

Application: “Rays Of Praise” – Proverbs 31:31
Indeed, it’s not often when a lady like this comes around.
So, care for her gallantly and praise God daily for her love.
For she’s a gift from heaven, whose heart is true,
And looks like a dream in her boots, diamonds and denim too!

One thought on “Boots, Diamonds and Denim

  1. Dianne Forbes

    Hello Dagon,
    Congrats on your Treasure of 18 years. Thinking back all those years ago, I remember when I heard you speak at your rehearsal dinner! That’s when you won my heart! You were speaking about your bride to be. You were not afraid to let those tears escape your eyes. You were not embarrassed at all. You knew those were wet drops of pure love coming down as you expressed your love.
    May you have a life time still to celebrate your love.
    Aunt Dianne


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