imageIf evidence helps prove, or disprove something, it stands to reason the Holy Spirit would provide evidence to the power of Christ to both encourage our walk and promote Himself to others. Some of these ways include:

Faith Growing: Just like an athlete proactively trains to build muscle and maintain optimum performance, we too must enter “God’s gym” to maximize the faith we’ve been given. After-all, how can we assume believing in Jesus is all that is required of us when it is only the beginning? Consider – how many Christians do we know rarely open their Bibles, rarely attend church fellowships and/or rarely give their time, talent, or tithe to any ministry? Clearly, the Holy Spirit desires our faith to grow, but we also play a part (2 Peter 3:18). For like the premier athlete, we too must commit to the work, the sacrifice and the goal with heartfelt determination, void of mediocrity and distraction.

Love Increasing: It’s easy to dismiss those who disagree with us, persecute and despise our faith. As a result, some of us back down from such aggression, while others plunge eagerly into savage war zones. Yet, how many have been won to Christ through reciprocated violence, or passive-aggression? What’s so amazing about our Savior is that He forgave those who viciously crucified Him and willingly entered such violation in obedience to God’s profound love for the “world”. How can we possibly love this way? Clearly, it’s impossible without the power of the Spirit. Therefore, as our faith grows, so does our love. We begin to pray for our enemies, seek to share Christ in all we do, and desire to win souls for the Kingdom, despite their sins – remembering that without Christ, we too were just as vile (Ephesians 5:1-2).

Perseverance Enduring: When I jog, there are days I feel light as a feather, but other times I feel like my feet are shackled with iron. However, I dare not stop. For I know I can finish the race, because I have done so several times before. Likewise, God doesn’t allow anything to come our way He won’t help us finish and overcome. Therefore, do we believe this truth to confidently propel us forward (Hebrews 10:35-36)? If so, our perseverance will endure despite our feelings.

Application: “What Goes In, Must Come Out” Matthew 7:24
If we indulge in cake, cola, cigarettes and candy after every workout, what progress could we possibly make in improving and promoting good health? Likewise, as believers, we must be diligent with what we allow ourselves to absorb in order to mature spiritually. Therefore, we must consistently pursue Biblical truth for every aspect of our life and actively apply it. If we do, God promises we will be wise and the glory of Jesus Christ will radiate in our lives as evidence for all to see.

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