Searching For Something Substantial

imageThe stock market goes up and then drops down. Jobs come and then they go. Families come together, and unfortunately, some break up. Addictions destroy lives and our stress levels continue to rise. With so many things being uncertain, we all desperately seek for something substantial we can rely on. And although many false substitutes are offered, only Jesus Christ has the power to bring peace amidst all these storms and more:

Introduction: There is always an introduction made, no matter the substance. Whether it be the promise of big money, promotions, or pleasure, the substance being introduced comes with incitements. With Jesus, the attractions are many, including eternal life, internal peace and divinely inspired perspective and purpose. However, the costs are also clear – complete surrender and sacrifice of self (Luke 9:23). This is where many unfortunately veer off. I know this was once true for me. I believed in Jesus and wanted His benefits, but wasn’t ready to make Him my Lord. Thankfully, He graciously wised me up before I self destructed and wasted my divine calling.

Invitation: The realization of complete sacrifice and surrender is simple to understand, but can be hard to do, and as a result, many unfortunately decide not to accept the invitation after the introduction is made. This is also where the false substances begin to reap their success. For in the wake of refusing Christ’s invitation, lay the war torn consequences of lives separated from God. There is no shelter, no refuge, no amount of money, no amount of power that can keep us from the desolation of sin. Only Jesus can do that, and accepting His invitation gives us purpose both in and out of the storms (John 10:10).

Integration: When we accept God’s invitation, we become integrated into His family (Galatians 3:26). We become His children and receive our inheritance from the King of Kings. We also gain clarity in our Divine calling. We realize and accept that all things pass through God and learn to trust that with Him, all things work together for good.

Application: “Multiplicity” – Acts 12:24
As believers, we are entrusted with a precious gift. The gift of Jesus and all He offers. We are also entrusted with the blessed opportunity to share this free gift with all the world. To go forth and multiply the gift, over and over again – bringing the Good News wherever we go and with whomever we encounter. May we never hoard, or hide such a treasure. Rather, let’s rally to the calling and rejoice in the opportunities for multiply fellowships, prayer, praise and proclamations!

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