Tough In The Rough

  There will always be those times when things get rough – when we feel overwhelming conflict and stress. Clearly, we desire for challenges and confrontations to never come, or to depart quickly when they do, but the truth is they usually linger around longer than we want. So, what can we do when tough times come? Remember, God is tougher:

Knows: Thankfully, God sees and knows what we’re going through (Psalm 31:7). In fact, nothing passes through His hands unknowingly. So, does this mean He is the cause and reason for all our hardship? Clearly not. For we live in a fallen and sinful world, and God is perfect and sinless. However, since He loves us beyond comprehension, He can transform our hardships into testimonies that bless others and bring glory to His name.

Holds: We also know that God has the power to protect and sustain us through any struggle (Psalm 31:8). He is tougher than any circumstance, or challenge we may face. For he is over all things. He is our shelter and our refuge and will sustain us as we turn to Him and trust in Him – always. He doesn’t let go of His children.

Shows: What a treasure we have in knowing God will never leave, or forsake us. Instead, He will show us the best way to go (Psalm 31:3). He directs our steps and as we seek and obey His directives, we find ourselves strengthened in faith, perseverance and testimony. As a result, we in turn grow better equipped to help others during their times of need.

Application: “Christ Confident” – Psalm 31:24
The biggest mistake we can make during the tough times is to try and take matters into our hands. This leads to only worry, fatigue and despair. Encouragement comes in remembering we are not alone and do not have to fight alone. God is ready, willing and waiting to help us every second and every day of our life. However, we must be wise enough to seek Him, trust Him and obey Him. For our hope and confidence is Him.

One thought on “Tough In The Rough

  1. We all have a story to tell and without overcoming the trials and tribulations in life we are without a story! Thank you Dagan for sharing your blog, your words are encouraging to say the least!


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