Scared Stiff?

  Fear, uncertainty, doubts and worry can grab hold to each of us. It calls to us and puts us in a state of panic. We become scared stiff, but is this what Christians are called to? Interestingly, we see the first disciples huddled together in fear after the crucifixion of Jesus. They were filled with despair and fear, but then Jesus stepped in among them and the first thing He said was, “Peace be with you”. He stepped in to their uncertainty to remind them and give them the assurance He gives us – peace. This peace however surpasses all understanding. For it is peace only Christ can offer:

Missing: We can sometimes feel as though our peace, purpose and power is threatened, or diminishing, especially when we allow the chaos among us to distort our priorities. However, we are called to put God first and foremost in everything (Exodus 20:3). We are to keep our eyes upon Him. Then, like Peter when he walked on water, we can overcome the turbulence around us. Have you lost your peace and purpose, or the power to keep moving forward? Remember to look to Christ and He will take your hand and set you back on track.

Seeking: When we are missing something we care deeply about, we go seeking for it. Recently, in my Bible study class, a friend shared how all the recent turmoil in America and the world was creating in her a growing fear and concern for her family’s safety, but then she opened her Book. She opened God’s word and soon discovered her peace returned, and her hope was restored. Likewise, when we seek God and His word, we too rediscover all the power, purpose and peace that seemed to go missing (Matthew 6:33).

Receiving: As followers of Christ, we have so much already given to us. Yet, as we know, the worries of this world can quickly distract us from this truth. Sometimes this happens because our time with God, His people and His word decreases and other concerns begin competing for “top-shelf” occupancy. However, when we keep our priorities in order, just as God instructed so long ago, we receive all His promises and our fears, doubts and worries soon fade in comparison to His glory (John 14:27).

Application: “Knows Our Name” – John 10:14
No one is unknown to God. Some may desire to run from Him, deny Him, reject Him and even attempt to crucify Him, but He is above all and over all. There is no place, no person and no problem greater than God. Therefore, for those who know, serve and obey Him possess great advantages. For all of us will encounter times of fear, worry and stress, but with God, we have hope and confidence knowing He will work all things for our good and His glory – and nothing can beat that!

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