Better Ways For Better Days

  For some reason the GPS on my phone, takes me on the craziest routes to reach my destination. There have been times where it even took me off-road! However, if I’m being completely honest, I’m not sure it’s entirely the GPS’ problem. Instead, I’m quite positive the blame rests firmly with me in that I haven’t invested the time to learn how to use the tool effectively. Similarly, God provides clear directions on the best way to live our lives. Yet, how often do we invest the time to study them? Relying instead on our own instincts and intuitions? Clearly, knowing God’s ways and then obeying them will always lead us to better days:

Learning: The first step to applying God’s ways is knowing them, and this does not automatically happen. It requires proactive and intentional effort on our part (Joshua 1:8). For example, how could we expect to become a quality physician if we never went to medical school, rarely applied what we learned and refused to study for exams? Likewise, how can we expect to mature in our Christian walk if we rarely attend church, study God’s Word and apply His teachings?

Living: This is where the rubber hits the road, and we implement God’s Word in our daily lives. Of course, He empowers us to apply His truth, but we must take the first step (Hebrews 4:2). Basically, the Word works when worked. Therefore, we will be provided plenty of opportunities to work His Word so that He can strengthen our faith, expand our witness, and build is Kingdom. For the blessings flow when we act on what we know.

Leading: Unlike my GPS system which is nothing more than a software program, God’s GPS is living. For it is His Spirit sent to comfort, help, encourage and direct us throughout this life (John 14:26). This gift is an exclusive and profound gift to Christians, and why we would ever continue to rely on ourselves and/or others more than Him is one of the most nonproductive and detrimental actions we can take. Yet, sadly, many Christians continuously try to go it alone. Rarely reading His Word, worshipping with others, or relying on His truth. This of course results in increased stress, delays, stumbling blocks and frustrations – but thankfully, with God, that can all change.

Application: “Rest For The Restless”Matthew 11:29
I get frustrated when my GPS system takes me off course and leads me in a direction that takes longer than it should. However, the same thing happens when I attempt to live my life without full reliance on God. For I either get in a rush, get restless, or get ruined with my ways. Therefore, may we be wise enough to know, show and alway grow in His ways over our own

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