Enthusiastically Engaging Excellence

imageI’m sometimes asked if I get nervous when invited to speak at public events; and naturally, I do get nervous. However, the thought of allowing my nerves to cause me to stumble in giving my best for His glorify propels my motivation to maximize the opportunities He sends my way.

For regardless of our feelings, when we consider the spiritual bounty of God’s love, rescue, mercy and grace, along with all the talents and testimonies He has given us to share, how could any of us resolve to waste any platform, or opportunity with self-induced mediocrity? For nervousness, although real, is caused by our own insecurity and doubt. It has nothing to do with Him. Rather, in Him is where confidence is found. Thus, as the old saying goes, “May we always pursue excellence in all things and all things be for the glory of God“!

Excellence In Our Composition: Our composition is what our character is made of. What we truly are and aspire to be are components of the heart. However, the Bible reminds us our hearts are naturally deceitful (Jeremiah 17:9). So, what hope do we have for improvement? Quite simply, excellence in our character can only be achieved by a miracle, and miracles of such magnitude can only be achieved by God. Thus, if we desire excellence in our integrity and character, our deepest desire must be for Christ.

Excellence In Our Conversation: How is our language? Does it fluctuate based on who’s around? Additionally, is it shocking, or convicting to hear people of “faith” cuss, gossip and/or criticize? Whether we like to believe it or not, our words are direct reflections of our heart, and as we discussed earlier, the only thing that can correct a heart is our continual connection with Christ (Matthew 15:18).

Excellence In Our Contribution: As we pursue excellence in our character and words, we must also examine our works. Are we the ones that can be counted on to always give our best, or are we the late, lazy and lethargic ones with our deeds? Mediocrity only muddies our testimonies (1 Peter 2:15). We may be shy, but we can speak up. We may be insecure, but we can step out and we may be doubtful, but we can be courageous. How? The good news is the secret is already out – Christ reliance is always greater than self reliance (Philippians 4:13)!

Application: “Soli Deo Gloria”Colossians 3:17
Bach and some other composers were known to sign their compositions with the letters SDG, which stood for Soli Deo Gloria, or Glory to God alone. Why would these master composures work tirelessly to get every note just right and then dedicate it to God? Same reason we should enthusiastically pursue excellence in all we do – beginning right where we are and with what little we may have. For we are God’s children, and possess tremendous opportunities to promote, reflect and glorify His name in all we do. Therefore, may no doubts, demons, or distractions be allowed to keep us from delivering our own divine demonstrations – always dependent upon and dedicated to His glory.

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