What’s In It For Me?

imageEffective communication is supported by demonstrating the benefits, need and/or value of the message being delivered to the ones being communicated to. This is also known as delivering the WIFM, or What’s In It For Me point. Likewise, the gospel shares many benefits available to Christians. However, these benefits are not meant solely for us, but are designed to be shared with others and for God’s purposes over our own:

Rescue: A friend of mine raises cattle and recently shared how a calf in his herd tangled its hind leg in wire that had cut to the bone. My friend took the calf, cut the wire and cleaned the wound. Thanks to his care, the calf was rescued from certain death. Similarly, Christ rescues us from the entanglements of sin and death. Sometimes, it’s painful to be untangled, but the benefits are numerous. Thus, how do we repay such a gift? God simply encourages us to share our testimonies, knowledge and experiences gained from Him so that others may come to know His truth and receive the same divine rescue (Proverbs 24:11).

Relief: Once saved by grace, we receive relief from the infective curses of sin. This does not mean we are free from danger and the consequences of poor decisions, but it does mean we receive the provisions necessary to help us through any hardship and pain (Psalm 23:4). As a result, we are better equipped to respond to the hurts of others and in sharing how Christ can help them too.

Reason: Having a reason for living and knowing our purpose in life is a powerful benefit of being a Christian. However, even Christians can sometimes struggle knowing their divine calling. For we can mistakingly assume it’s our family, our careers and/or our happiness. Although none of these are bad, it’s important to realize they are not our primary reasons for living. Rather, we are to be made more like Christ (Romans 8:29). As a result, we learn to live like Christ – obedient to God, sacrificial to self and serving to others. All this then empowers us to live our life in a way that lovingly leads others to Christ.

Application: “Go DeepPsalm 119:36
Treasures rest at the bottom of the sea, waiting to be found. However, they are passed over either because we don’t know they’re there, don’t care, or because we neglect to go deep enough to recover them. Similarly, we pass on vast treasures of God when we remain in the shallow and skim the surface of our faith by not pursuing Him deeply. However, for those daring to go deep, there is a bounty of truth to be found. Then, as we share in faith, we, like the boy who shared what little he had with Jesus, get to participate in His plans and purposes in reaching the multitudes.

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