Linger Longer

imageThe other day I realized how I was rushing my kids through dinner, in order to race them off to the showers and then race them off to bed – all so I could race to rest. Then it hit me, how easily I get caught up in this racing mentality. I do it when I race through stores strategically maneuvering to avoid conversations, and during those times I try to dodge random interruptions that seem to inevitably come my way when I’m diligently trying to work and focus on something very “important”. Thankfully, God is patient and loves me enough to gently remind me to the importance of making time to appreciate taking time:

For Children: They don’t stay young long. Granted, they require a lot of energy when they are – but what they require are the same things we need. For who doesn’t need to be loved, or appreciated? Who doesn’t enjoy having someone take a sincere interest in them and demonstrate care? Incredibly, many times this can all be shown by simply spending time together – now, why would we ever want to rush through that (Psalm 127:3)?

For Community: We may think, or want to think, we don’t need others, but we do. We require fellowship with others, in particular with the body of Christ. For it is a powerful tool God uses to help comfort, equip and encourage fellow believers. Therefore, let us never get too busy for serving fellowships, interruptions and conversations (Hebrews 10:45). For it may be those exact interruptions God is using to meet our needs and fulfill His purposes.

For Christ: Clearly, time with Jesus Christ is essential. Yet, how tempting is it to rush through prayer, skim our Bibles and make church an option? When we do this, we miss out big time, but our absence causes others to miss out too. Not that we’re all that, but God has given us gifts to share. Therefore, when we aren’t spending time with Christ we can’t be fully charged for the services He has called us to. Additionally, when we aren’t with others, they are deprived the very gifts God has entrusted us to share (2 Corinthians 9:10).

Application: “Embracing Not Racing” – Matthew 6:34
Granted, there are many problems and struggles in this world, which only emphasizes the importance of enjoying the precious moments that come our way throughout our day. Many times they may come disguised as interruptions, but instead, could they really be Divine interventions? If so, instead of passing them by, or rushing through them, I pray for the wisdom to linger and enjoy them a little longer.

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